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Subject : [News] DME Distribution Promotion Committee Set Expected

DME Distribution Promotion Committee Set Expected


DME Distribution Promotion Committee is about to get organized soon. The Committee will be composed of ¡®Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy¡¯, ¡®Korea Gas Safety Corporation¡¯, ¡®Korea LP Gas Industry Society¡¯, and ¡®Korea LPG Association(unsettled)¡¯.


A participant of Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said that DME Distribution Promotion Committee will be organized by relative business trade in January for LPG competitiveness improvement. However, he added that specific size of the Committee is not settled yet.


As the propane¡¯s price competitiveness gets worse, the LPG trade is planning to distribute the mixed fuel which is made by adding relatively low price of DME in LPG. Overseas¡¯ case study, company selection standard for setting business, etc are going to be prepared by 2009. And then, setting business will begin in earnest.


By present, it is known that it is possible to mix 10~20% of DME into Propane. In practice, the economic effects are not certain.


The profit total of charging station and LPG sales store is over 500 won per kg. So, it is limited to get some effects by mixing Propane and DME.


Therefore, some specialists expresse that several efforts should be implemented in parallel besides the Propane-DME mixing for Propane¡¯s competitiveness settlement.



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This article is from ¡°The Korea Gas News¡±(Jan. 21th, 2008)


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