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Subject : [News] Domestic LPG Demand was 8.44 Million Tons

2007 Domestic LPG Demand was 8.44 Million Tons

- Butane 5.6% Up, Propane 0.1% Up


LPG demand of local market has risen by 3.5% last year.


2007s local LPG consuming data provided by Korea National Oil Corporation shows that 8.44 million tons of LPG were consumed in 2007 and it means 3.5% rise compared to 2006s which was 8.15 million tons. Especially, propane consumption which has been decreasing in recent a few years reached upto 3.13 million tons and it means 0.1% rise compared to 2006s which was 3.12 million tons. For butane, 5.30 million tons were consumed and it means 5.6% rise(279 thousand tons) compared to 5.02 million tons in 2006.


In propane market, household and commercial part consumed 1.84 million tons which has risen 1.6%(29 thousand tons) compared to 2006. On the other hand, town gas part consumed 63 thousand tons which has been decreased by 4 thousnad tons compared to 2006. Industrial parts consumption which were 463 thousand tons also decreased by 17 thousand tons(-3.5%) . For petrochemical parts were nearly as same as 2006 which was 763 thousand tons(-0.5%).


For butane, transportation parts consumption were 4.36 million tons which were 6.3% rise(257 thousand tons) compared to 2006s(4.10 million tons). And petrochemical parts also increased by 23 thousand tons which was 701 thousand tons. Industrial butane demand increased by 5 thousand tons which was 118 thousand tons. However, domestic and commercial parts consumption decreased by 6 thousnads(-4.7%) which was 127 thousand tons.


Concerning last years propane demand rise, a participant of LPG importing company mentioned that last years Seoul temperature went down by 2.8 in October and 1.7 in November. The participant analized that seasonal effect and LPG price rise caused LPG charging station and sales store to hurry to buy LPG and it caused the domestic and commercial demand rise.  


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This article is from The Korea Gas News(Jan. 28, 2008)

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