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Subject : [News] Ministry of Commers ~, Track LPG Price

Ministry of Commers ~, Track LPG Price


The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy is going to track LPG price condition.


This is because civil appeals have exploded about the LPG prices sharp rise in later 2007.


The Ministry has a policy to find out the way to stabilize LPGs price by this tracking.


A participant of the Ministrys Gas Industry team said that even though the Ministry doesnt have any right to control the price since LPG price liberalization of 2001, they are going to track LPG price to release civil stress on LPG price. And he added that they are going to find out whether there is any way to cut the price.


The Ministry is planning to research on the conditions with the Korea Gas Safety Corporation and regional governments together. Price and circulation conditions will be researched on the samples from the charging stations and stores across the country.


If there has been any illegal activities, the Ministry is going to institute them to the Fair Trade Commission.


The research will get started as soon as the Lunar New Years Day Holiday ends.


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This article is from The Oil Gas News(Feb. 1, 2008)

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